We Make the Match

Where are most people finding love these days? One-in-five- adults have used online dating as a way to meet new people, expand their social circle, and fall in love. Match, Tinder, eHarmany, Bumble, OKCupid and so many more, all have the same thing in common. These apps and websites make the possibility of finding love easier than anyone ever thought possible. Shortly after signing up for the matchmaking services, you can swipe through pictures and bios of potential love interests. You have the power and freedom to swipe “yes” or “no” depending on your interests.

Similarly, speakers’ bureaus are “matchmakers” for meeting professionals. We are the link that connects a meeting with the perfect speaker. The speaker may be out of the meeting professional’s social circle, but we have the knowledge and ability to link and connect the two together based on the meeting objectives, speaker’s expertise and passions, etc. We know the ins and outs and unique characteristics and style of our speakers, some of which cannot be found simply through a google search or mentioned through word of mouth. Our goal is to present the client with all of the speaker’s information, knowing they have the potential to be a great match. The client can then decide whether or not to hire the speaker or have the bureau supply additional suggestions. We help handle and coordinate logistics and executing of the speaker’s plans on your (the client’s) behalf so it’s one less thing you have to worry about while planning your meeting.

With millions of people in the world, dating apps are making it easier to find love. With thousands of speakers in the industry, speakers’ bureaus are making it easier for meeting professionals to organize an event. We recommend and connect speakers who meeting professionals may not know, but are perfect for the event. Let us help you with your next event, we know you will fall in love with your next speaker (and us)!