Happy is the New Healthy

It’s time to BE HAPPY NOW! Of course, that is easier said than done. We all go through bad days, tough times, and mood swings. Dave Romanelli is here to help and explain to audiences why happy is the new healthy!

Below are 3 things to remember about happy people:

  1. Happy people are resilient.
  2. - Everyone can get knocked down in life, you have to get back on your feet and keep truckin!

  3. Happy people find a way to laugh.

  4. Happy people infuse their days with joie de vivre.
  5. - Don’t think too hard. This simply means… eat more chocolate!

Dave is also striving to shine a light on the elders in our communities. Learn more about Dave’s program, Drinks With Your Elders. Or just reach out to the elder waiting behind you in line at the supermarket, walking by you on the way to lunch, or living right next door.

Don’t forget to spread the word… happy is the new healthy!

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